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Commercial Property Insurance

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Building a business from the ground up is no easy feat, and often takes years of hard work and dedication to become successful. While it’s difficult to create a thriving business, it can all disappear in the blink of an eye due to an unforeseen catastrophe such as a fire or natural disaster. Don’t allow your years of sacrifice be for nothing; call Elliot Insurance Agency today for a complimentary, risk-free commercial property insurance quote.

What is commercial property insurance? Commercial property insurance is very similar to residential/consumer property insurance, in that it is intended to cover physical property from common perils such as fire and water damage, as well as natural disasters. The primary difference is that commercial property insurance covers tangible items owned by businesses, whereas consumer property insurance covers tangible items owned by individuals.

Why do I need commercial property insurance? Commercial property insurance is intended to make you and your business whole after a covered loss; or, in other words, to help ensure you don’t experience financial ruin as a result. Commercial property insurance can cover items such as your inventory, your building and detached structures, and even lost and stolen property.

What does commercial property insurance NOT cover? While there are always exceptions to every rule, most commercial property policies are available under three different forms, each of which contains different coverage exclusions:

  • Basic – Basic form commercial property policies are just that: Basic. They typically have very limited coverage, only covering a limited number of covered perils, but also are typically the least expensive insurance option.
  • Broad – Broad form commercial property policies are a step up from basic form, and in addition to common perils, also add coverage for water damage, which includes ice, snow, and even sprinkler malfunction.
  • Special – Special form commercial property insurance are “all risk,” which means all causes of loss are covered, except for those which are specifically excluded by the policy language.

Like consumer property policies, nearly all commercial property insurance policies will also have regional exclusions, such as windstorm for hurricane and tornado-prone areas. Because of this, it’s important to discuss your options with your Elliot Insurance Agency professional.

What discounts are available on commercial property insurance? As with all forms of insurance, the rate you pay for your commercial property policy will depend on a wide variety of factors, including location, occupancy, and exposure to natural hazards. Whatever your needs may be, discuss your commercial property insurance with a representative at Elliot Insurance Agency, and we’ll be happy to get you the best rate possible.

What should I avoid when purchasing commercial property insurance? We know that you want to make sure you choose appropriate limits on your commercial property insurance policy, so that you’re adequately covered in the event of a loss. The good news is that Elliot Insurance Agency can counsel you on the most appropriate commercial property coverage for your specific situation.

How can Elliot Insurance Agency help with commercial property insurance? When it comes to commercial property insurance, having a knowledgeable agent on your side can make the difference between obtaining the right policy at the right price, or paying too much for too little. If you’re looking for the highest level of commercial property insurance at the lowest possible price, give Elliot Insurance Agency a call today, and find out just how easy it can be to get you the coverage you need.

How can I get a commercial property insurance quote? Call Elliot Insurance Agency today at (323) 876-1980 or visit us online at for a quick and easy commercial property insurance quote. Wherever you’re located in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, we’re sure to find you a solution.